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The primary goal of marketing or advertisement is to help retain and acquire new clients. When you have a good-optimized website that appeals to your audience, you’re more likely to retain and win over new customers, as they’ll be mesmerized by your constant web presence. This will see your customers share your quality content and services on other social media platforms, which creates a domino effect that enables other potential clients to realize that your business is trusted by many, and they as well fall for it.

Start with any budget

Start with any budget

Little Rock SEO is a big marketing bang for the buck! While large-scale companies opt for quiet expensive traditional marketing means such as radio advertising, billboards, television and the like, some businesses are often left out but not anymore, thanks to SEO. SEO is an inexpensive and highly effective marketing tool used to improve your website’s position in search engines and increase traffic and profits exponentially. SEO will bring about progressive business growth with our products and services.

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How Did I Get Into Internet Marketing?

It’s nearly a decade since I started a small IT company. Found in 2009, I did my best to grow, and gain awareness. Typically, I never turned away any client who didn't like the price of my service; I would reduce the rate and make something out of it. I was an excellent gorilla marketer using creativity in place of capital to advertise, but this only yielded a minimum result.

After too much struggle, that’s when I decided to learn SEO. I went to UALR and took a free class on how to SEO my website. After applying these changes to my site, I did not see much improvement. Eventually, I just gave up and continued with gorilla marketing. I plastered Little Rock with signs that said, "Virus Removal 79.99" Often when talking to people I mention this and tell them it was me! Even if they did not call, they remembered my sign spam.

I hired someone a friend of mine recommended, Blake. He was described to me as an SEO wizard, able to rank hundreds of keywords. At the time, I really didn't know what it meant, but it sounded good! Blake showed me his magic. It started with almost no results. Six months down the line, however, my phone started to ring daily. There was always a new potential client needing IT services. When asked how they found me, the answer was continually the same "GOOGLE,” or "THE INTERNET." It changed my life.

With the increasing number of new clients, we decided to raise prices and say no to low-value work and add an employee to the payroll. The experience was so exciting that I decided to help others companies that were going through the same hassle, as I did before. Blake offered to mentor me, and I jumped at the chance, leaving the staff to run the IT business.

Initially, I would sell SEO to my clients using me for IT, only to find out that no one was interested enough to pay me: lots of talking, No money. It felt like starting a new company from scratch all over again.

My first SEO client was a stranger. An impressive attorney named Lisa was interested. She gave me the chance I needed. It took seven months of worrying about my new job before anything significant was to happen. But that was until she called to tell me she had taken on more new clients than at any given time in her career that month. Victory, I DID IT! Wait, that’s not all, I have free legal help through the pure appreciation of my services. Don't mess with me. My lawyer works for free! That is a scary thing to hear, and a bombshell to say!

What’s the secret?

Snowballing is difficult if you're not prepared. I have seen organization suddenly realizing how unprepared they were, a few months into business. Adding employees is expensive, some moves are costly, and mistakes happen, and that’s part of starting and growing a business. However, some clients outgrow office space when they do your job well and give people what they want. They realized they had no idea what it was they were asking for, but it's actually what they were meant to do all along. So what’s the secret? Well, mistake and problem in business are sometimes a “blessing” because that’s what makes you grow.

After years of looking for ways to increase traffic, I’ve finally teamed up with Blake, and we’ve had tremendous SEO marketing success with these type of companies: Dental, Law, Bug Companies, Restoration Companies, Computer Repair/IT, and Towing Companies. If you’re in one of these industries, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

How we earn trust and repeat business

We do not ask you for large upfront fees; everything is month to month. We draw your trust through excellent performance driven by the desire to keep you a happy and satisfied client. With that said, SEO takes time; you need to be patients as in most cases, it can take an average of 6 months or more before enjoying real results. Virtually, I can’t guarantee anything but Organic/Geographic SEO is what we do best. With it, you are sure to enjoy a long lasting solution and value for your money. We’ve achieved this through research, planning, and excitation, and we believe that’s the reason we’ve been able to increase and maintain our clientele.

Are you struggling to get clients to sign up for newsletters, get a demo of your product, or buy your products or services? Or there are barely any visitors to your site? Well, SEO can help!

Give our SEO, Little Rock marketing team a call, and we will gladly take up the chance to grow your business to the next level!


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Experience has proved that search engine traffic is the most efficient and cost-effective method of building your organization’s success. Your targeted traffic can provide revenue, publicity, and brand exposure. Thus, it’s a sure bet that investing in SEO Little Rock, AR, will allow you to have an exceptional rate of return as compared to all other types of promotion and marketing. If you need professional to help improve your SEO ranking fill the form below.